The Power of Morning Meditation

All of us wake up in our own time. The difference is that some of us start our
day peacefully while others start with our minds racing. Many gurus say the
morning is the easiest time to meditate, they say something like, “the morning
is when your mind is still and your body is relaxed”. That has not been my
experience. Instead, I wake up and my mind is going crazy, as if my dreams turbo
charge my brain and sends my mind spinning in loops. If I don’t meditate my mind
keeps that unsettled feeling all day. Morning meditation has made a huge
difference in my life and hope it will help you. Start a good morning habit,
meditate, it will help condition your mind and body before you move on with your
daily routine.

What are the benefits of morning meditation?

It eases your mind Imagine how great it would be to start your day
peacefully. As we meditate in the morning, our body produces more
serotonin that stabilizes your mood. Moreover, it increases GABA (gamma
aminobutyric acid) which reduces anxiety and tension that our body and
mind feels. This means that as we meditate on a regular basis, we are also
sparing ourselves from depression, which is a condition that has cost the
lives of many people.

  • It makes you feel energized Many people have a hard time waking up in the
    morning, even though they have set their alarm, but with morning
    meditation at hand, there is little need for strong coffee. If you feel
    sleepy after getting up from bed, meditate, as it increases your endorphin
    levels and helps you feel energized preparing you for the day ahead.
  • It improves your concentration Meditation requires us to focus our mind on
    a single point. As many of you know, examples of this are, our breath, a
    mantra, a guided meditation or a physical object. Over time, this practice
    enhances our ability to concentrate, increasing our ability to do work,
    listen, or just be. Focus and concentration in this way can give us a
    peaceful place in our mind even under stressful and strenuous situations.
  • It clears your mind and enhances awareness. Whenever you wake up in the
    morning and your thoughts are racing through your head, just meditate.
    Meditation helps reduce all the noise around us and in our minds. Thus, we
    will be able to think better and make better decisions. Perhaps more
    importantly, meditation helps us connect to a quiet space within. With
    time, that quiet space expands and becomes part of our daily presence.
    When you react from this place, you have a better perspective to solve
    your problems and find harmony in each day.

There is no reason to doubt the power of morning meditation. So commit to a
consistent morning meditation practice and enjoy a peaceful today, and a more
peaceful life.

If you have never sat in meditation before check out our Beginner’s Guide, it
might help.