The Wonderful Truth about Luck and Why You Can Have More

In our previous article, we discussed how a prepared mind can reorganize your
physical experience. Now let’s discuss how this might change your luck. In this
lesson, I will go into detail about what is going on behind the scenes, in the
quantum world, and share more specifics about the steps you take to prepare your

We have already discussed how our thoughts are a major factor in shaping and
changing our physiology. We have also talked about how our thoughts affect the
quantum particles that make up… well, everything. So, it is easy to understand
that our thoughts and beliefs are creating vibrational patterns that allow us to
exchange energy and change our experience of the universe. If you missed any of
this check out the last lesson.

This gives us a great start point. Now, try to forget everything you have
learned about cause and effect and your concepts about past and future for a

In an earlier lesson I mentioned physicist Kater Murch, PhD and gave a short
explanation about quantum particles vibrating. However, in Dr. Murch’s
experiment there were some additional, very important findings. In fact, in
their article about Mr. Murch, Science Daily said, “For one thing, it suggests
that in the quantum world time runs both backward and forward whereas in the
classical world it only runs forward.” Put another way the article says, “In the
quantum world, the future affects the past.”

That’s an interesting thought, the particles that make up our outer world are
affected by the future as well as the past. You see the quantum world does not
experience time in a linear fashion the way we do, as explained above. This
helps us understand why our thoughts and visions can so productively shape our

It’s important to note that I am not a quantum physicist, the below breakouts
are derived from the knowledge I have gained from books and articles combined
with my experience of actively shaping my reality.

So, here we go.

For this exercise it will be helpful to have a goal in mind. Of course to get
the most out of life it is important to spend some time finding out what you
really want (your purpose) and setting your goals around that. I will talk about
some tools I used to help work toward my purpose later, for now identify
something you want to manifest in your life and set a goal.

Your goal can be anything from fixing a relationship to a financial goal,
whatever you are working on in your life.

Vision – Gain a clear and concise vision of that which you want to manifest.
This is part of the creative visualization process for those of you who have
studied that. Visualize your desire in every detail you can, try invoking all of
your senses. Spend some time on this, your imagination is a powerful thing.
Don’t short change yourself here the universe can deliver anything, the only
thing that will hold you back is your belief! With that being said make your
first project something within, or just outside of your belief system, then
obtain it and move to something larger to challenge yourself. This will allow
you to build up your beliefs.

I have spent a lot of time researching business leaders and other people our
society deems successful. I think vision is one of the most important things
that a leader brings to an organization. These leaders have such a strong vision
that it shapes the productivity of entire organizations.

Now let’s see what is going on behind the scenes at this step. I believe when
you sit down and bring up a clear vision of what you want in the future you are
projecting that vision into the future and making subtle changes to the past and
present. These won’t be noticeable in the outside world except for the
occasional synchronistic event, chance meetings, lucky finds, ect. These
synchronistic events are the product of the universe coming into alignment with
your vision. They can change your luck!

Goals – Set goals based on your vision. These goals should be measurable steps
you can take toward the overall achievement of your vision. Write these goals
down and affirm them. There are many different ways to affirm a goal. I just
write my goal as a statement where I have already achieved the goal. Then I
rewrite them every morning and say them aloud.

Now let’s talk about what is going on behind the scenes. Your subconscious mind
is a tremendous amount more powerful than your conscious mind. Repeating your
goals as affirmation helps to make your thoughts more habitual and work their
way into your subconscious mind. In time these affirmations will become normal
subconscious thought patterns and that is when things will really start changing
and coming into your life. To change your subconscious thoughts you have to be
consistent, don’t give up.

Study– This is important and seems to be hard for so many. I don’t mean study
like you are back in highschool or college unless your goal specifically
requires that. The fact is, you are filling your brain with information all the
time and your physiology and the outside world are constantly changing and
reacting according to that information.

You have to consciously shape this information! If you are trying to bring more
love into your life you need to watch TV shows read articles and books that
support this? If you are consciously watching murder mysteries on TV your body
is reacting to that, it is not consistent with your desire to bring more love
into your life. Let me qualify that a bit, TV and even murder mysteries are fine
every once and awhile if that is how you relax. However, so many people
constantly fill their minds with these shows all the time and it can set them
off track. Also, If you want more money you need to focus your information
consumption on more money, read about successful entrepreneurs, and other
business related material. When your vision, goals, and study habits are all in
line things can really start moving fast.

Meditate – there are so many studies about the benefits of mediation it is
crazy. The physical stress relieving benefits alone are amazing. Nevertheless,
you might ask, how is it going to help me achieve my vision? From my experience,
meditation is indispensable because it helps you let go of nonproductive
thoughts. If you are having trouble manifesting your desires it is likely
because of conflicting thoughts that you may not be aware of. Sitting and being
quiet in meditation allows you to monitor and let go of your thoughts and bring
your mind into the present moment. In time you will have better control of your
thoughts and more interaction with silence, this is a powerful thing. Your
thoughts become true to your purpose and more powerful in manifesting things in
the physical universe.

If you truly do these things and take action toward your goals, at some point,
things will start moving very fast. This means you have to welcome change into
your life. This stops a lot of people! You would be surprised how many people I
talk to who want to manifest their desire but don’t want anything to change.
That is simply not possible. You have to be open to change and willing to try
new things.

Here is an example from my life. When I first started trying to consciously
manifest things I set a huge goal. I didn’t have the entire program I outlined
above but I knew I needed to create a vision. I visualized a large dollar amount
and relaxed, writing down ideas that came to me. Something crazy happened, I got
ideas but not the ideas I wanted (weird right, I was trying to reach a new goal
and rejected new ideas). I was not willing to accept change. Every time I did
this, I got the idea to write a book. At the time I was afraid to publish a blog
post, I didn’t have any idea how to write a book. My inability to accept change
and study prevented me from achieving that goal.

When you visualize or affirm your goals it is important to write down ideas that
come along. You don’t have to act on every idea but consciously acknowledging
them will help you find the good ones and keep more coming. Remember, for this
process to work there has to be action in the physical world. You have to take
action to bring your goals into manifestation. This process will simply make
things easier and more attainable.

Now you have a four-step process for reprograming your physical experience based
on your desires, which will drastically change your luck!

Next, we are going to talk in more detail about meditation and I will outline a
very simple meditation technique that used to get started.

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