You Are Powerful Beyond Measure. Does that Scare You?

Whatever you are dreaming of is possible. The trouble is people never considered setting goals to help them reach their big dreams. Why? I think there are a few reasons for this. Many people feel they are stuck with what they have and never consider improving themselves or their position. Others consider it but fill their mind with excuses that derail them along the way. Either scenario ends in a victim mentality. The real trouble is, a victim mentality is addicting. Many people need complaints, it has become who they are, and they have nothing else to talk about.

When these people begin to realize that they can achieve their dreams, that their dreams are possible if they are willing to work for it, they get scared. Why? Because they would have to change who they are. If they get everything they want they are not victims anymore and if they don’t get what they want they are to blame, not someone else. Most people want to pass the blame.

What about you? Are you afraid? If so, why? Dig deep and answer yourself truthfully because YOU are the only thing in your way! Go after your dreams… free the beast!

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You can Manifest What you Want: Let’s Put it All Together

The early classes were set up to help you understand a few ways science shows
how the universe operates, for no other reason than to help you believe in your
ability to manifest your desires. To help you believe in the power of your

The middle section gave you a 4-step process that will help you manifest your
desires by increasing your belief in yourself and your ability to get that
specific desire.

The last lesson talked about meditation and how you can change your physiology. Over time, this will help you manifest things that will truly make you happy.

If you’re wondering: What is the most important thing in this course? The answer
is two fold… action and meditation!

Now that I have that out of the way, lets get back on track. Intention manifestation will not work unless you believe you are getting the thing you desire. That is why this course and the manifestation processes within had so much focus on increasing your belief. As you go through this process your belief with get stronger, then finally you believe and shortly after you truly believe you will have what you want.

When you really think about it, it’s easy to see how you have been doing this
your whole life. Often, if you are as I used to be, you are working this process
in a negative fashion and getting what you don’t want or even fear.

So, how do I manage my time around this process of manifesting and finding my
place in the universe.

For starters, I meditate every day. I started with one ten-minute session a day
and moved to two fifteen-minute sessions a day. After a few years, I am up to
two twenty-minute sessions a day. Although, when we had our third child I missed
a few sessions here and there.

Meditation stays even when I don’t have a specific manifestation in mind. When I
have a specific manifestation in mind, I spend some time thinking about exactly
what I want. I usually do this after I meditate. I do this by relaxing and
closing my eyes and imagining what I want and developing a vision of what it
would be like to have it.

Once I have a specific vision in mind I sit down and write out some goals that
will help me achieve that vision. I continue to focus on this vision after every
meditation until I have obtained it. Then after the visualization I look at my
written goals and repeat them as affirmations.

Remember it takes action to bring your desire into the physical world. So, I
look at my calendar and set tasks for that day that will work toward my goal. I
want to clear this up a little more. Your task does not have to be monumental;
you just have to take action. On really busy days I find fifteen minutes
somewhere in the day where I can achieve a small task that moves me closer to my
goal. That is enough to move the universal energy in your favor and begin to
organize chance to work with you.

Last but far from least, I find some way to further my understanding of that
which I desire. Often, I get audiobooks and listen to them in the car. This has
been very effective for me; it helps improve my belief that I can obtain my
vision. Also, since I set my goals for manifestation on things I truly want this
is extremely fun.

This process does not take much time once you get used to it. If you set aside
twenty to thirty minutes twice a day, you can make a huge difference. Plus, if you are
using this process on something you really want it will be fun!

I’ll say it again, if you keep only one thing from this course let it be
meditation. A little meditation over time goes a long way!

Don’t waste your time chasing things you are not sure if you want. If you are
not sure what you want spend time meditating and thinking about what you want
until you come up with a clear vision. If you go through the process of
manifesting a new life, you want it to be a happy one.

Remember, money is an energy that magnifies your other states. So, if you
manifest money but you are always stressed out the money will likely magnify
your stress. For a long time I was a very angry person and I didn’t enjoy the
things I had. I kept trying to get more money, then I got it and I was not any
happier. Then I lost it.

I realized my angry state before I learned this process. One of my first
exercises was a love affirmation that truly helped me see the world in a
different light. Not to mention it totally reorganized my work life. Now, as I work
on other areas of my life I know I have a foundation of love, I know more money
will magnify that love and help me improve other people’s lives and that is an
amazing place to be.

I hope you have found something in this small e-course that will improve your
life (if so please share it with your friends).

There is more on the blog so don’t run off.

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Master Your Life in Ten Minutes a Day with Meditation

We have spent the last few lessons showing you how important your thoughts are and how your thoughts relate to the vibrational patterns that create your physical reality. Remember your thoughts affect both your internal physiology and your external world.

I have said repeatedly that your most powerful thoughts are the ones that reside in your subconscious mind. In the last lesson, we talked briefly about how to change your subconscious mind and now we are going to continue with a focus on meditation.

The key to seeing progress in your life through meditation is consistency. If you do not currently have a consistent meditation practice please start now. Start with 10 minutes a day and commit to at least a month, preferably longer. If you meditate consistently like this, you will begin to see a difference. These initial differences will be subtle but it adds up over time. In fact, after two years of meditation I sat down, did a reflection exercise, and realized I had made some very drastic improvements in my life.

The best way I know to explain it is that meditation balances your vibrations and begins to align you with your purpose. This will help you over time and it will make the suggestions in future lessons more powerful.

If you don’t have a meditation practice please read the following. I am going to outline the basic meditation technique I used to get started. If you already have a mediation practice feel free to skip to the next part, there are some insights below that you will find interesting.

1) Sit up straight on the edge of a chair with your feet flat on the floor. You don’t need any cross leg positions to start.

2) Keep your back straight and rest your hands on your knees.

3) Keep your mouth closed and your tongue lightly pressed up against the roof of your mouth.

4) Breathe in and out your nose focusing all your intention on your breath.

5) Gently count each breath, the in breath is one, out breath two, keep going up to ten then start over at one.

6) Each time a thought takes over and you lose count gently say to yourself “breath” and move your focus back to your breath then start back at number one. After any distraction that has taken your focus away from your breath use the above technique to bring your focus back to your breath.

That’s it, it’s that easy. Well, or so it seems, when I first tried this my mind was so crazy that I got frustrated and even started sweating. If this happens to you just keep going it won’t take long and this will be a very pleasant part of your day. I enjoy meditation enough that I have started meditating twice a day and it truly helps me stay centered.

More advanced meditation

We have already discussed the fact that everything is vibrating and these vibrations have a lot to do with your experience of the physical world. We can see this in action with the way the moon has an affect on the ocean (changing tides, waves, ect). It’s not as noticeable but the moon’s position also has an affect on our bodies. The position of the earth in relation to the sun and on and on, it all has a small effect on us. What does this have to do with meditation? In a word, everything.

Meditation helps us change physiologically, there is a fantastic article on the NY Times blog, “Well” that does a great job of laying it out. Although there is a lot of research left to do, I believe these physiological changes change our vibrations and change the way our body is affected by universal vibrations. Essentially, when you meditate consistently over time you are evening out your vibrations or putting them back on track. This helps you keep from fighting against larger universal vibrations and it helps you to stop fighting against yourself.

What I am really saying is you are getting back in line with your soul. You can, little by little, get back to your purpose and stop fighting things you picked up from social conditioning that are not really you. As you go down this path, your ability to manifest your desires becomes stronger and stronger. The best part is you will manifest the things that are truly important to you and improve your life in tremendous ways.

Let’s get back to vibrations for a second. Your body expresses these vibrations through electromagnetic energy fields. That’s right you are surrounded by an energy field, you have probably heard about it. If you want to know more here is an interesting article about the electromagnetic field the heart creates and how the heart communicates with your brain.

As I have mentioned before it is this electromagnetic energy field (vibrations) that communicates with the universal electromagnetic energy field (vibrations). So, I have a theory, I believe what we talk about as our subconscious mind exists in, or is strictly manipulated by, our energy field. Back in lesson 2, Bruce Lipton mentions how our subconscious mind is significantly more powerful than our conscious minds. In fact, I believe our subconscious mind houses our beliefs. That is why our beliefs can instantly affect our emotions and that is why our beliefs shape how we experience our life.

This means that positively changing our energy field will change our life. Meditation does just that. My favorite guided meditation is a chakra cleansing meditation by Belinda Davidson called, “Guided Chakra Cleanse”. Eastern philosophies explain that chakras are energy centers within the body, which is what the above chakra meditation is based on. There are seven energy centers in the body and the heart is the center. I like this because I feel like it matches up with what science is discovering. You can check out her guided meditation here, it costs a little bit but it is worth every penny.

Belenda explains that if you cleanse your chakras you will positively change your energy field and nothing else is required. I agree cleansing your chakras is highly effective but if you put it together with lessons 3,4 and 5 of this course you can really make some incredible changes!

There is more, I have recently found another way to understand your vibrations and how they fit into the universal scheme. I wish I had all these tools years ago when I started down this path but at least I can help you find them.

Check out the next lesson to learn how to find your current vibrations.

What Most People are Missing about Intention Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

If you have not been following this is the fourth article in an seven part
series. This will make since on it’s own but you will get more out of it if you
see the whole thing. You can see the last lesson here.

Let’s break down intention manifestation and demystify it a bit. When you really
break it down you get:

Desire + Belief + Action = Obtainment

It truly is that simple. Wait, if it is that simple why do so many people have
trouble with it. Well, let’s take a look. Desire is not that hard, although I
have met people that can’t decide what they want and in turn are not manifesting
anything. However, many people can come up with a clear desire and are still not
manifesting it. That brings us to belief. This is the hard one and likely, the
problem you are having if you are having trouble manifesting your desires.

So, what are beliefs? Beliefs, when you break it down, are repeated thoughts
that have strong feelings attached to them.

Our feelings have a big impact on how we manifest our desires. Feelings give off
strong vibrations that influence the magnetic energy field that our body
produces (more later). Now, think back for a second to a past lesson,
everything is vibrating, these vibrations are very important and now it begins
to make sense why. The energy field around our body largely represents our
ability to communicate our intentions to the universe. With that said our
ability to manifest looks just like T. Harv Eker explains:

Thoughts -> Feelings -> Actions = Results (obtainment)

The interesting thing is, If you have a desire and you truly believe you will
obtain it your belief will shape your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

So, the critical piece is belief and that is what we are going to work on.

Let’s start with an old quote:

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

Louis Pasteur

With that said, I say, “A prepared mind believes.”

That’s why Dr. Pasteur is correct when he says chance favors the prepared mind.
Prepared minds are minds that believe. Often it takes years for someone to
believe they can make a scientific discovery or make a million dollars. However,
if they could generate the absolute belief upfront they would obtain it almost
immediately. Action is still required for the person with absolute belief but
the action be more supported by the universe and seem minimal to the outside

I believe what Dr. Pasteur called chance we call luck. Whether it’s a scientific
insight that comes out of nowhere while you’re stirring your coffee or a chance
meeting with an angel investor, luck, or what we perceive as luck, has something
to do with shaping our lives. For those of you that believe you are one of the
unlucky ones, don’t get down on yourself, I believe you can change your luck.

Let’s get back to Dr. Pasteur. The big question the quote brings up is, how do
we prepare our mind? Let’s explore how to prepare our mind and break down
intention manifestation a bit. Some people see intention manifestation as
something outside of normal everyday life, as some mystical processes, and that
is just not the case. You create your life, put another way, your inner world
creates your outer world. There are many ways to say it but it is happening
whether you know it or not.

Dr. Pasteur was a French microbiologist and chemist who made some great
discoveries, to include the invention of the process of pasteurization (when you
buy pasteurized milk you can thank Dr. Pasteur). He spent a lot of time
studying, experimenting, reviewing, and contemplating the data to come up with
the above conclusion. I have studied many other successful visionaries that
manifested their goals and I have broken out what I interpret as a great process
of preparing your mind, or making your mind believe, which will in turn move
chance in your favor.

Again, all you really have to do is state your desire and truly believe you will
obtain it. The key here is truly believe. So I have worked out a process for
manifesting below, it’s really a process for increasing your belief because the
process of manifestation is Desire + Belief + Action = Obtainment, everything
else is increasing your level of belief.

Visualize –provide vision

Goals -affirmation

Study -learn

Meditate -contemplate

These don’t have to be in order and they are iterative.

To better understand this process let’s look at another person that our society
has deemed successful (I didn’t say happy, I can’t confirm that). It might be
helpful to show these principles at work in people other than scientists and
self help gurus. My favorite example is Steve Jobs. I have no idea if he knew
the new age definition of the law of attraction and intention manifestation but
I have one example of him using very effective methods that I outline above.

When Steve went back to apple after a 15-year hiatus he found the research
project for what is now known as the Imac. He decided the Imac was going to be
the next big thing for Apple and he provided that vision to the company. He went
so far as to get a Styrofoam cutout (prototype, a fantastic way to visualize)
that he carried everywhere with him. Steve increased the research efforts on the
project and increased his interaction with the team (study) and he set sales
goals that he intended the company to reach (Goals). Steve was a consistent
meditator, while I don’t have the exact routine, I am sure there was meditation
involved (Meditation). When the Imac was released, it broke all sales goals that
were projected and put apple back on the map.

Now let’s take a step back. I am saying that you can organize your mind and
thoughts and it will re-organize your outer experience (your inner world creates
your outer world). Now your question might be: why? Thanks for asking. That is
what I discuss in the next lesson so don’t miss out. I will discuss the 4-step
process in more detail and talk about organizing chance. Yes, I mean changing
and improving your luck!

The Wonderful Truth about Luck and Why You Can Have More

Use Intention to Get the Life You Desire

In the last lesson, we talked about how your intention can change your
physiology. Of course, this is a big deal but there is more, your intentions can
change your external environment as well. Again, some of this gets a little
technical, don’t give up, read to the end. With that said, let’s jump right into

Basically, and I mean very basically, physical property or matter is not
actually hard. Everything on earth is vibrating including things we perceive as
physical property or matter. Matter is simply vibrating much faster than our
softer tissue leading us to experience it as a hard substance.

Here is how I understand it. Quantum particles are the basic building blocks of
the physical world (or, the longer definition: the smallest quantity of some
physical property, such as energy, that a system can possess according to the
quantum theory). Now that you have that basic understanding here is what
physicist Kater Murch, PhD said in an interview with science daily, “The
particle’s state is not merely unknown, but truly undefined before it is
measured. The act of measurement itself that forces the particle to collapse to
a definite state.”

— Don’t worry, all of this is going to make since and further your
understanding of how you manifest the life of your dreams, just hang in there.

The interesting thing, as I understand it, is that the act of measurement is the
experimenter’s intent. So, for instance, an electron can exist as a wave or a
particle. If the experimenter has the intention and tools to measure its mass,
the electron will manifest as a particle. However, if the experimenter has the
intention and tools to measure the electron’s movement it will manifest as a

I can already hear you asking, why is this important to me? Easy, because these
quantum particles are the building blocks that, put together, create our entire
physical existence. Now we are talking about your intention, your thoughts,
affecting tiny building blocks of physical reality outside of your body. That’s
a big deal.

Think about it for a second, your thoughts are affecting the tiniest building
block of the known universe. For now just know that your positive thoughts
affect your outer experience. This brings us to a simple self-help rule. Think
positive, now you are beginning to know why. From earlier posts in this course
we know that our positive thoughts are positively changing the molecular
structure of water, positively change your body’s cellular structure and now
I’ve explained how it can change everything in your physical reality.

This is what so many courses I have attended and books I have read miss, the
explanation of WHY your thoughts and positive thinking change your reality. Now
you know.

So, think about this, you can organize your mind in a way that will reorganize
your life. This is possible because your thoughts, positive or negative, have an
effect on the quantum particles that make up your physical experience. Now you
know why you have been told to think positive. Your thoughts are creating your
world, positive or negative.

The difficult thing is, your subconscious mind makes up a large portion of your
thoughts even though you don’t consciously experience it. Since your
subconscious mind is so much more powerful than your conscious mind, it is
imperative that we make this change as well. We will get into changing your
subconscious mind later, for now just know you have to make this change.

The reason for this post and the previous posts is to strengthen your belief in
the power of thought. The key piece to intention manifestation or changing your
life in any way is BELIEF and that is what we will talk about next.

What most people are missing about intention manifestation and the Law of

Until then… Thank you!

P.S. Before we get to far into the law of attraction there is one thing I need
to get off my mind. It doesn’t work without action on your part. Everything I am
going through will make your action more effective but action has to be part of
the equation. More to follow.

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What Everybody Ought to Know about How Their Thoughts Affect Their Body

We have already talked about Gratitude and how human intention can have an
affect on water and in turn the human body. If you missed it I recommend you
catch up here. Now, let’s take a closer look at how our thoughts and intentions
affect all the cells in our body. Don’t worry, in future lessons we are going to
talk about how our thoughts affect our physical experiences in the outside world
but we need to understand how everything works inside first. This article has
two sections, if you don’t understand the something in the first section,
please read the entire article, it will make sense.

The next section is based on research done by Dr. Bruce Lipton and his book
“Biology of Belief.” I am going to simplify this as much as possible. When you
have time, you should read this book!

Let’s get into it.

There are over 37 trillion cells in the human body. Each cell has switches on
their outer membrane that read and reacts to their environment. These switches
are proteins that extend inside the membrane and communicate back into the cell.

Bruce Lipton calls these perception switches, which take orders from the
immediate environment they live in. The cell can then build what it needs to
exist in that environment. What I am saying is cells can reformat based on their
current environment, either positive or negative.

Why is this important to you? Because your thoughts make up a big part of the
environment that the perception switches are reading. The outer membrane of the
cell and its perception switches act as the brain of the cell. This means that
the perception switches give rise to the specific DNA that will be used, not the
other way around. You are not a slave to your DNA as most of us have been told.

Yes, this means your thought frequencies; the ones embedded in your conscious
and subconscious mind have an affect on what your cells do and how they operate.
You are manifesting everything in your life through your conscious and
subconscious mind to include your health and the health for every cell in your
body. The beliefs that are imbedded deep in your subconscious mind and your
conscious thoughts are affecting your health and your life.

The scary thing is that your subconscious beliefs are often programed when you
are a child. If you don’t consciously change them you will have to live with the
results. Well, you are in fact living with the results. This is very important
because your subconscious mind is significantly more powerful than your
conscious mind. Your subconscious mind is creating the reality you perceive,
both your internal health and your external circumstances.

Still not convinced, read on to see an example of this at work. This part of the
course is based on work explained in Deepak Chopra’s book, “The Spontaneous
Fulfillment of Desire”

One of the scientists at the Chopra center isolated his white blood cell in a
lab and put electrodes from an EEG type machine in them. Then he had an idea, he
decided he was going to get something sharp and cut the back of his hand to see
how white blood cells isolated outside of his body would react. As he was
looking around for something to hurt himself with, he glanced at the EEG type
machine that was monitoring the white blood cells. He found that the white blood
cells were already active just based on his intention to hurt himself.

This is a powerful thought! The white blood cells that were outside his body
were active based on his intention to hurt himself; he did not even have to cut
himself to get the process started. Your body, all the way down to the cellular
level, reacts to your intentions, your negative thoughts, your positive
thoughts, everything.

Now when you hear all the gurus say think positive, you will know why. Your
positive thoughts are changing your physical experience. So think positive!

So far, we have talked about how your thoughts change your physiology but I
don’t plan on stopping there. Next, I will go through how your thoughts change
the outside world that you experience. Further, how your beliefs are organizing
chance or luck to organize and reshape your circumstances.

Now that is a big one!

Next Lesson: Use Intention To Get The Life You Desire !

Until then… Thank you!

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The Power of Gratitude – See how an Attitude of Gratitude can Change your Life

We have all been told to be grateful and say please and thank you. Yes, we all
do so sometimes but do you know how much it affects your life? Did you know
gratitude can affect your body all the way down to the molecular level? I’ll be
the first to admit that I’ve thrown out a lot of half hearted pleases and thank
you’s but the information below made me changed my ways. A scientist in Japan
revealed that an attitude of gratitude can change your body. There is a reason
you feel better when you are grateful. Let me explain.

In Japan in the 1990s, a man Named Masaru Emoto and his team began taking photos
of water crystals. As I understand it, the process of photographing water
crystals had not been done before and was not an easy task. After a long process
of trial and error, his team came up with a way to capture the photos with a
precise method of freezing and caring for the water. Results from the photos and
further experiments were nothing short of mind-boggling.

After numerous experiments Mr. Emoto was able to demonstrate how water crystals
change shape based on words taped to the side of the bottle and more importantly
human intention focused on the water. That right, I said human intention
changed the shape of water molecules!

Masaru Emoto’s research revealed that positive words and intentions cause water
to form more perfectly shaped crystals. In fact, gratitude was one of the most
effective words and Love and Gratitude together formed the most perfect water
crystals they’ve found. Of course, the reverse is true as well, when negative
words and intentions are focused on the water, no crystals are formed at all. In
fact, the photos demonstrate a chaotic mess.

Here are a few examples from Mr Emoto’s website:


Water Crystal after the Words You Fool
Water Crystal after the Words Thank You

Check out Mr. Emoto’s website to see how
different external variables change the shape of water crystals.

WOW, think about that… Our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water, so
the word thank you can change the molecular structure of a large portion of our
bodies. In my opinion, this is a huge deal. In his book, “The True Power of
Water,” Mr. Emoto further explains how he has used this knowledge to improve his

This research fascinated me. Personal development courses often suggest,, “Think
positive, Show gratitude,” but I have not heard any give this deep of an
explanation. Thinking positive and showing gratitude can improve the molecular
structure of 70% of you body. A positive thought has physical changes on you and
the environment around you, that’s big. To put it another way, you are improving
the vibrations you put out to the universe and, like water, the universe
responds. After learning this, I changed the way I said thank you. More
importantly, I began to look for things I was truly thankful for and find
additional ways to express my gratitude. Of course, the more I looked for things
to be grateful for the easier it became to find them.

Start today, you can make it a point to find things you are thankful for and
express your gratitude. Make sure you are truly grateful and you can change your
life. With this small step, you will see a difference.

This is just the beginning. There is so much more that your thoughts and
intentions affect on both your health and your circumstances in the outer world
(well, seemingly outer world but we can talk about that more later).

Yes this article is the first of an eight part series. In the next article we
talk about how your positive (or negative) thoughts affect every cell in your

Don’t miss the next one. How your thoughts affect every cell in your body.

Until next time, THANK YOU!

The Beast Inside

There’s a beast inside you! Massive potential waiting to get out, waiting to get realized, waiting for you to get started.

The trouble is, most people are afraid of their potential, this beast. They put the beast aside, tell themselves it’s evil, and coast though life. The beast doesn’t go away and it’s not always patient.

I hear you, your saying, “not me, I just a……” Not true, the beast is in you too.

Think about a time when you were alone, perhaps driving your car. You felt something stirring inside, you felt something bigger than you trying to get out. What happened? You squelched it, you turned up the radio and told yourself it’s nothing. Or you pulled over, found a bar and got a drink. YOU buried your potential! YOU buried it, no one else!

Next time you feel something stirring inside you, don’t squelch it, let it take over. You’ll feel the possibilities, you may even feel like you can fly, like your car can’t hold you. Then take action on something you have been putting off, something you have always wanted to do. BOOM, free the beast, take action and watch life turn in your favor. It’s time.

Know Yourself and Nothing Can Stop You!


This is a wonderful truth, as some of you know and others don’t, you are the toughest opponent you will ever face. When you know yourself you can push past the belief that your dreams are not possible.

You may think it’s something out there or someone else that is keeping you down, someone else who says you cant do it. But the truth is that you believe that person, without your belief that outside experience has no power over you. Know yourself, change your belief and take charge of your dreams… take charge of your life.