How to Meditate with Music

Did you know that meditation through music is a great way to start or add diversity to your practice? The right choice of meditation music can give an additional layer of stillness and
efficiency to your meditation. The article below will give you a few suggestion so you can get the most out of your meditation practice. But first I want to talk about a few types of music that are being used for meditative practices.

You can find a lot of different types of meditation music for a lot of different
reasons but I want to talk about two that will be helpful.

Binaural Beats and Instrumental Mediations

Binaural beats are a technical type of beats that use two tones, one in each ear, to produce an auditory illusion of a third tone. So the listener, you, will hear three tones, the two original tones plus the third illusion. When used properly, binaural beats can help you enter a deep meditative state. For binaural beats to be effective you need to use headphones since you can not get the full effect without them.

Instrumental meditation songs are just that, instrumental. There are musicians that focus on certain keys that help bring you into a relaxed state of mind. This seems pretty subjective but I know in one case I have used a song over and over to meditate and now it seems as if the song brings me right into a meditative state of mind. So, I guess it’s true for me.

I have two favorite meditative songs one uses binaural beats and the other is instrumental, I will talk more about these songs at the end of this article.

With that, here’s a few suggestions to help you meditate with music.

  • Listen to meditative songs with headphones. You can enjoy a new height of
    meditation with music when you use a pair of headphones. The headphone allow you
    to receive the vibrations better, this is especially the case with binaural
  • Choose a quiet and peaceful place. If you intend to meditate with music,
    do your best to limit distractions. Look for a peaceful meditation place to
    relax yourself. By doing so, meditation songs become more beneficial as you
    would be able to grasp the vibrations of the music better.
  • Use your natural breathing. Natural breathing means you use your diaphragmatic breathing, instead of forced breathing. This is usually called belly breathing. First, inhale
    through the nostrils, direct every breath to the abdomen and then feel it as it
    rises. When exhaling through the nostril, feel the abdomen fall.
  • Concentrate on the music. When you are meditating this way there are a lot of thoughts that go through your mind, all you need to do is let these thoughts pass without judgement.
  • Give yourself to the song. While thoroughly focusing on the
    meditation music, you have to submit yourself to it. Let it stimulate all the
    positive energies within you. Let it work on your mind, soul and emotion.
    Absorb the music vibrations with every breath you take. Enjoy it.
  • Lastly, you have to enjoy the music. If the meditative song stimulates your mind and soul,
    just enjoy it. This is an indication that you are releasing the stress.

Now that you have a few suggestions to help you get the most out of your meditation,
below are a few suggestions for mediation music that I use.

Here is one of my favorite binaural beats. It is provided by OmHarmonics. Enjoy.
The music starts at 2:51 but the intro is nice too. Remember get your headphones
before you get started!

I could not find my favorite instrumental music on youtube but here is a link to
it on amazon. This is truly a creative piece that brings me into a peaceful

Click Here to See the CD


If you are brand new to meditation make sure to check out our beginner’s guide.
I hope this has been helpful. Thank you.