Chakra Meditation Benefits that will Change Your Life

When it comes to improving intuition or the need for deep healing, chakra
meditation is your best bet. Every person has his or her own way of responding
to the outer world. The thing most people don’t know is that the chakra system
is our energy anatomy that creates our response to the outer world. You have
heard that the body is seen as the ultimate reflection of thoughts, beliefs, and
emotions, well, it’s the chakra system that allows this to be.

With chakra meditation you get the many scientifically proven benefits of
meditation, benefits that have been proven to change your body and your mind
plus you directly touch each energy center directly allowing you to do the inner
work for balance and harmony. Each of the 7 chakra energy centers regulates a
certain part of your body and regulates how you deal with parts of the outside
world. This gives us the ability to consciously interact with a certain area
when things are going wrong.

When you start a chakra meditation practice, you commit to bringing your chakras
back into balance or keeping them in balance. When your chakras are in balance,
you cleanse spiritual and emotional toxins from your energy anatomy and in turn
your physical body. So, you are doing the inner work to improve your life and
find harmony.

With that said I am going to talk about each chakra, a few of its properties and
a few symptoms that are caused by that chakra being out of balance. You can see,
the benefits of keeping your chakras balanced is that you will be free of these
symptoms. You will find your life is more enjoyable and runs more smoothly. It’s
not that everything will be perfect on the outside, it’s your ability to
harmonize with the outside world no matter what, that is your gift.

Here are the 7 chakras and what they mean to you:

Root chakra – Color: Red, Cleansing Mantra: Lam

This also known as the “Base Chakra” due to its location at the base of your spine. This red-colored chakra is associated with physical earth. It is also concerned with the connection to survival instincts and security, belonging, and prosperity. If this chakra is
not in balance you may experience: chronic fatigue, problems in your lower
extremities (Knees and feet), arthritis and even obesity.

Sacral chakra – Color: Orange, Cleansing Mantra: Vam

The 2nd chakra is found below the navel and resonates with the color orange. It has been linked to creativity, sexual desire and reproduction. As you can imagine having the sacral
chakra out of balance can lead to the symptoms in the genital areas like
impotence and even menstrual problems. Also, things like kidney issues and
bladder problems can arise.

Solar plexus chakra – Color: Yellow, Cleansing Mantra: Ram

This yellow-colored chakra is found below the heart down near the navel. This is associated with self-esteem, personal power, and impulse control. Things we think of as eating related illnesses or symptoms arise from an imbalance of this chakra. Eating
disorders like anorexia, digestive issues originate here, even diabetes stems
from and imbalance in the solar plexus chakra.

Heart chakra – Color: Green, Cleansing Mantra: Yam

The heart chakra is pretty obvious, it is positioned at the center of the chest. The color linked to this chakra is green. Obviously, it is connected with love, openness, trust,
compassion, and hope. When this chakra is out of balance you feel unloved and
often experience relationship problems. Other symptoms include upper back pain
and things like bronchitis and asthma.

Throat chakra – Color: Blue, Cleansing Mantra: Ham

This blue-colored chakra is centered on your ability to express yourself. Things like trusting, honesty and integrity are also linked to the throat chakra. Addictions are often symptoms of an unbalanced throat chakra. Things like smoking and alcohol abuse. As you can imagine, a propensity for gossip also originates for here.

Third eye chakra – Color: Indigo, Cleansing Mantra: Om

This is also named the “brow chakra” which is found in the middle of the forehead. Its color is indigo and is connected with your intuition, life purpose, wisdom, and divine
understanding. Symptoms here are a little more subjective but highly important
to a balanced happy life. When this chakra is out of balance you will lack
imagination and you will be out of touch with your intuition. The real problem
is, we have accepted this as a way of life in the west. But the fact is we were
all designed to be creative and intuitive.

Crown chakra – Color: White or Violet, Cleansing Mantra: Ah

Lastly, this chakra is located on top, (crown) of your head. Its colors are white and violet. This chakra represents our connection to the divine. An imbalance here brings
feelings of pointlessness, over attachment to the physical world and physical

Imagine having all of these things in balance. You could live a truly amazing
life, a life that is not even recognized in the west. I still have a lot of
inner work to do but chakra meditation has helped me in many ways, the benefits
are enormous.

I provided the next section for further motivation. When you do chakra
meditation you are also improving your body in the ways that other meditations
do. Then nice thing is, science has taken an interest in meditation and found
some really interesting things.

5 more benefits of meditation

  1. Improved sleep. First, Studies have shown that consistent mediation can increase
    your body’s levels of melatonin, a natural hormone that helps you sleep. But
    meditation can also help you calm your mind from a hectic day and cause them to
    review the day’s occurrences right when they should be nodding off.
  2. Decreases the effects of stress on your body. When your body is stressed it releases
    higher levels of cortisol and adrenalin. While it’s natural to have elevated
    levels of cortisol off and on, a process of our evolution, people who are overly
    stressed can experience elevated levels throughout the day that can cause health
    concerns. Science has shown that meditation helps to decrease cortisol levels
    leading to decreased effects of stress on the body.
  3. Your attention span will increase. Meditation can help you focus your mind. In my experience my focus has increased dramatically but there is more to it. It’s as if I have a calm peaceful place to recess to a place where focus is easy. I have always had a problem with focus and my daily meditation practice has made a huge change.
  4. Your overall health will improve. With a consistent daily practice there are a
    tremendous amount of long term changes that happen in your body. This
    combination of positive affects allows your body to improve its immune system.
    You’ll find that your metabolism normalizes as cortisol levels have been
    normalized, helping you to lose weight. But perhaps most interestingly it also
    increase your body’s production of the growth hormone. A hormone adults use to
    sustain tissues and organs within your body.
  5. You’ll experience greater happiness. Taking care of the mind through meditation will help teach you to turn off work or school when the day has ended. You can focus on your family’s needs, and then your needs at the close of the day. But perhaps most amazing of
    all, consistent meditators experience higher levels of endorphins, the body’s
    internal pain killer, allowing you to experience greater happiness day to day!

Now what?

Easy, do chakra meditation.

Looking for a place to start?

I’ll tell you about my favorite guided chakra meditation. This meditation is
done by a wonderful intuitive person named Belinda Davidson. She guides you
through each of the seven base chakras and then brings you up to the additional
five chakras that are above our body. She introduces a soothing white light
experience at the end that really finishes it up in a relaxing and inspiring
way. Check it out here.

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