Change Your Life with My Love Affirmation

Are you frustrated with work or a relationship? I found an affirmation that has helped me and I am sure it will help you…

In 2013 I was frustrated with my work circumstances. I know I just said frustrated but I really meant furious. I often pulled into the parking lot, got out of my car, faced the building then lost the motivation needed to go in and start the day. I would find myself circling my car arguing with the voice in my head that insisted I needed the paycheck. Finally the voice would win and I would go in and drone through another day. This was not the first job I felt this way about, I finally realized I had to change not the job.

I decided to use affirmations to help find peace in this situation. I wrote down this affirmation: I will show unconditional love to all people and circumstances that come into my life today and every day. I wrote it over and over until I could easily recite it from memory. Then I cut out the affirmation, folded it up and put it in my pocket. Every time it came to mind I recited the affirmation silently to myself and every time I had a chance to sit down and pull it out I would read it a couple of times. It did not take long before the thought, “how can I show unconditional love here,” came up when I was in a challenging situation. I also condensed the affirmation to the phrase, Unconditional love, and said it over and over in my head as I fell asleep each night.

Pretty soon, every day became an opportunity to see if I could find some happiness in a fuming situation or notice the seeds of joy in a typically angry person. This is a dramatic difference from what was constantly going through my head before. These changes in my thought process has made some remarkable changes in my life. The changes have continued to come and in many instances it was not what I expected.

At first I the only changes were in my own thoughts and that alone made a profound difference. Then something strange occurred, a few seemingly negative things happened around the office. My best friend and car pool buddy found a new job and moved on. In fact three of the guys I was a good friends with moved out of the office. With everything going on I received a promotion and got a chance to pick my own team. As it turns out, I ended up with a team that is lot more positive and they are very open minded towards my philosophical interests. Months after all this when I was doing some reflecting, which is very important by the way, I realized I had received a promotion that came with a raise and an additional performance based raise since I started the affirmation. Plus, it was easier to keep a positive mental attitude in my everyday activities. There are many other things that have improved but I think you get the point.

This affirmation didn’t make me rich, I don’t have one of those stories that end with a million dollar deal, but it has made me much happier. It’s also been a great foundation for advancing towards other goals, not to mention my goals are far less dependent on money and more focused on happiness. This sheds a new light on the phrase, “enjoy the journey.” I don’t want to be stuck at this job forever but it is much easier to have fun while I am working on new avenues and rediscovering myself.

I hope this helps!