I have always been a successful person, At least in terms of the way we look at success. The problem is that I was totally miserable. I was married with children, I had a new house and a good job and I was miserable and angry.

What changed?

I finally realized it was me that was inviting all this anger in and I set out to change it. I started small, meditating ten minutes a day and reading self-help books. After a few months I noticed some minor changes but the big changes came with my Love affirmation (Read it here).

Now I am happy and you can be too

Now, years later, I have found some fantastic tools that can really help speed the up the process of finding your true happiness. Meditation and Affirmations are great tools, really great tools, but there are a few more that can really help you identify you true calling and move you toward happiness. So keep reading and I will talk about what has helped me along.


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