You Are Powerful Beyond Measure. Does that Scare You?

Whatever you are dreaming of is possible. The trouble is people never considered setting goals to help them reach their big dreams. Why? I think there are a few reasons for this. Many people feel they are stuck with what they have and never consider improving themselves or their position. Others consider it but fill their mind with excuses that derail them along the way. Either scenario ends in a victim mentality. The real trouble is, a victim mentality is addicting. Many people need complaints, it has become who they are, and they have nothing else to talk about.

When these people begin to realize that they can achieve their dreams, that their dreams are possible if they are willing to work for it, they get scared. Why? Because they would have to change who they are. If they get everything they want they are not victims anymore and if they don’t get what they want they are to blame, not someone else. Most people want to pass the blame.

What about you? Are you afraid? If so, why? Dig deep and answer yourself truthfully because YOU are the only thing in your way! Go after your dreams… free the beast!

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6 thoughts on “You Are Powerful Beyond Measure. Does that Scare You?

  1. Free the beast!!!!

    Aaaah.. I’m still trying to figure out where my beast is hiding…
    looking a niche for last few months.. and I’m drawing blank..

    But I’m 💥 powerful beyond measure.. and I will find my beast soon enough

    Liked by 1 person

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