You can Manifest What you Want: Let’s Put it All Together

The early classes were set up to help you understand a few ways science shows
how the universe operates, for no other reason than to help you believe in your
ability to manifest your desires. To help you believe in the power of your

The middle section gave you a 4-step process that will help you manifest your
desires by increasing your belief in yourself and your ability to get that
specific desire.

The last lesson talked about meditation and how you can change your physiology. Over time, this will help you manifest things that will truly make you happy.

If you’re wondering: What is the most important thing in this course? The answer
is two fold… action and meditation!

Now that I have that out of the way, lets get back on track. Intention manifestation will not work unless you believe you are getting the thing you desire. That is why this course and the manifestation processes within had so much focus on increasing your belief. As you go through this process your belief with get stronger, then finally you believe and shortly after you truly believe you will have what you want.

When you really think about it, it’s easy to see how you have been doing this
your whole life. Often, if you are as I used to be, you are working this process
in a negative fashion and getting what you don’t want or even fear.

So, how do I manage my time around this process of manifesting and finding my
place in the universe.

For starters, I meditate every day. I started with one ten-minute session a day
and moved to two fifteen-minute sessions a day. After a few years, I am up to
two twenty-minute sessions a day. Although, when we had our third child I missed
a few sessions here and there.

Meditation stays even when I don’t have a specific manifestation in mind. When I
have a specific manifestation in mind, I spend some time thinking about exactly
what I want. I usually do this after I meditate. I do this by relaxing and
closing my eyes and imagining what I want and developing a vision of what it
would be like to have it.

Once I have a specific vision in mind I sit down and write out some goals that
will help me achieve that vision. I continue to focus on this vision after every
meditation until I have obtained it. Then after the visualization I look at my
written goals and repeat them as affirmations.

Remember it takes action to bring your desire into the physical world. So, I
look at my calendar and set tasks for that day that will work toward my goal. I
want to clear this up a little more. Your task does not have to be monumental;
you just have to take action. On really busy days I find fifteen minutes
somewhere in the day where I can achieve a small task that moves me closer to my
goal. That is enough to move the universal energy in your favor and begin to
organize chance to work with you.

Last but far from least, I find some way to further my understanding of that
which I desire. Often, I get audiobooks and listen to them in the car. This has
been very effective for me; it helps improve my belief that I can obtain my
vision. Also, since I set my goals for manifestation on things I truly want this
is extremely fun.

This process does not take much time once you get used to it. If you set aside
twenty to thirty minutes twice a day, you can make a huge difference. Plus, if you are
using this process on something you really want it will be fun!

I’ll say it again, if you keep only one thing from this course let it be
meditation. A little meditation over time goes a long way!

Don’t waste your time chasing things you are not sure if you want. If you are
not sure what you want spend time meditating and thinking about what you want
until you come up with a clear vision. If you go through the process of
manifesting a new life, you want it to be a happy one.

Remember, money is an energy that magnifies your other states. So, if you
manifest money but you are always stressed out the money will likely magnify
your stress. For a long time I was a very angry person and I didn’t enjoy the
things I had. I kept trying to get more money, then I got it and I was not any
happier. Then I lost it.

I realized my angry state before I learned this process. One of my first
exercises was a love affirmation that truly helped me see the world in a
different light. Not to mention it totally reorganized my work life. Now, as I work
on other areas of my life I know I have a foundation of love, I know more money
will magnify that love and help me improve other people’s lives and that is an
amazing place to be.

I hope you have found something in this small e-course that will improve your
life (if so please share it with your friends).

There is more on the blog so don’t run off.

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