What Everybody Ought to Know about How Their Thoughts Affect Their Body

We have already talked about Gratitude and how human intention can have an
affect on water and in turn the human body. If you missed it I recommend you
catch up here. Now, let’s take a closer look at how our thoughts and intentions
affect all the cells in our body. Don’t worry, in future lessons we are going to
talk about how our thoughts affect our physical experiences in the outside world
but we need to understand how everything works inside first. This article has
two sections, if you don’t understand the something in the first section,
please read the entire article, it will make sense.

The next section is based on research done by Dr. Bruce Lipton and his book
“Biology of Belief.” I am going to simplify this as much as possible. When you
have time, you should read this book!

Let’s get into it.

There are over 37 trillion cells in the human body. Each cell has switches on
their outer membrane that read and reacts to their environment. These switches
are proteins that extend inside the membrane and communicate back into the cell.

Bruce Lipton calls these perception switches, which take orders from the
immediate environment they live in. The cell can then build what it needs to
exist in that environment. What I am saying is cells can reformat based on their
current environment, either positive or negative.

Why is this important to you? Because your thoughts make up a big part of the
environment that the perception switches are reading. The outer membrane of the
cell and its perception switches act as the brain of the cell. This means that
the perception switches give rise to the specific DNA that will be used, not the
other way around. You are not a slave to your DNA as most of us have been told.

Yes, this means your thought frequencies; the ones embedded in your conscious
and subconscious mind have an affect on what your cells do and how they operate.
You are manifesting everything in your life through your conscious and
subconscious mind to include your health and the health for every cell in your
body. The beliefs that are imbedded deep in your subconscious mind and your
conscious thoughts are affecting your health and your life.

The scary thing is that your subconscious beliefs are often programed when you
are a child. If you don’t consciously change them you will have to live with the
results. Well, you are in fact living with the results. This is very important
because your subconscious mind is significantly more powerful than your
conscious mind. Your subconscious mind is creating the reality you perceive,
both your internal health and your external circumstances.

Still not convinced, read on to see an example of this at work. This part of the
course is based on work explained in Deepak Chopra’s book, “The Spontaneous
Fulfillment of Desire”

One of the scientists at the Chopra center isolated his white blood cell in a
lab and put electrodes from an EEG type machine in them. Then he had an idea, he
decided he was going to get something sharp and cut the back of his hand to see
how white blood cells isolated outside of his body would react. As he was
looking around for something to hurt himself with, he glanced at the EEG type
machine that was monitoring the white blood cells. He found that the white blood
cells were already active just based on his intention to hurt himself.

This is a powerful thought! The white blood cells that were outside his body
were active based on his intention to hurt himself; he did not even have to cut
himself to get the process started. Your body, all the way down to the cellular
level, reacts to your intentions, your negative thoughts, your positive
thoughts, everything.

Now when you hear all the gurus say think positive, you will know why. Your
positive thoughts are changing your physical experience. So think positive!

So far, we have talked about how your thoughts change your physiology but I
don’t plan on stopping there. Next, I will go through how your thoughts change
the outside world that you experience. Further, how your beliefs are organizing
chance or luck to organize and reshape your circumstances.

Now that is a big one!

Next Lesson: Use Intention To Get The Life You Desire !

Until then… Thank you!

Photo Credit: https://lyranara.me/2013/11/11/the-effect-of-negative-emotions-on-our-health/


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