The Power of Gratitude – See how an Attitude of Gratitude can Change your Life

We have all been told to be grateful and say please and thank you. Yes, we all
do so sometimes but do you know how much it affects your life? Did you know
gratitude can affect your body all the way down to the molecular level? I’ll be
the first to admit that I’ve thrown out a lot of half hearted pleases and thank
you’s but the information below made me changed my ways. A scientist in Japan
revealed that an attitude of gratitude can change your body. There is a reason
you feel better when you are grateful. Let me explain.

In Japan in the 1990s, a man Named Masaru Emoto and his team began taking photos
of water crystals. As I understand it, the process of photographing water
crystals had not been done before and was not an easy task. After a long process
of trial and error, his team came up with a way to capture the photos with a
precise method of freezing and caring for the water. Results from the photos and
further experiments were nothing short of mind-boggling.

After numerous experiments Mr. Emoto was able to demonstrate how water crystals
change shape based on words taped to the side of the bottle and more importantly
human intention focused on the water. That right, I said human intention
changed the shape of water molecules!

Masaru Emoto’s research revealed that positive words and intentions cause water
to form more perfectly shaped crystals. In fact, gratitude was one of the most
effective words and Love and Gratitude together formed the most perfect water
crystals they’ve found. Of course, the reverse is true as well, when negative
words and intentions are focused on the water, no crystals are formed at all. In
fact, the photos demonstrate a chaotic mess.

Here are a few examples from Mr Emoto’s website:


Water Crystal after the Words You Fool
Water Crystal after the Words Thank You

Check out Mr. Emoto’s website to see how
different external variables change the shape of water crystals.

WOW, think about that… Our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water, so
the word thank you can change the molecular structure of a large portion of our
bodies. In my opinion, this is a huge deal. In his book, “The True Power of
Water,” Mr. Emoto further explains how he has used this knowledge to improve his

This research fascinated me. Personal development courses often suggest,, “Think
positive, Show gratitude,” but I have not heard any give this deep of an
explanation. Thinking positive and showing gratitude can improve the molecular
structure of 70% of you body. A positive thought has physical changes on you and
the environment around you, that’s big. To put it another way, you are improving
the vibrations you put out to the universe and, like water, the universe
responds. After learning this, I changed the way I said thank you. More
importantly, I began to look for things I was truly thankful for and find
additional ways to express my gratitude. Of course, the more I looked for things
to be grateful for the easier it became to find them.

Start today, you can make it a point to find things you are thankful for and
express your gratitude. Make sure you are truly grateful and you can change your
life. With this small step, you will see a difference.

This is just the beginning. There is so much more that your thoughts and
intentions affect on both your health and your circumstances in the outer world
(well, seemingly outer world but we can talk about that more later).

Yes this article is the first of an eight part series. In the next article we
talk about how your positive (or negative) thoughts affect every cell in your

Don’t miss the next one. How your thoughts affect every cell in your body.

Until next time, THANK YOU!


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